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Are you wondering whether to invest in Real Estate or Stocks or other options. Our philosophy is simple: If we can not feel it, touch it, see it and control it, we do not invest your money in it. 

We take our investor's money more seriously than our own. A careful and thorough study of each opportunity is done prior to entering that investment. This guarantees your money will be safe and you will have a generous profit. All our investments are in Real Estate where we can see it, feel it, touch it and control it. 

And, we do Out Of the Box opportunities for our investors, they include: 

Option 1.  Short Sales: 

  • Investors purchase our short sale homes to Fix & Flip or to Fix and Rent. 

  • Investors receive at least 8% - 25% (ROI) return on their money when we negotiate the short sale for them. 

  • Not every agent knows how to negotiate a short sale and get YOU the most money. You have to hire the right agent with the right tools and negotiation skills in order to achieve maximum results. 

  • Zee & his TEAM work hard to do just that for YOU. 

  • 40 Years of experience doing short sales comes in handy when faced with obstacles to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties. 

Option 2. Purchasing Distressed Notes: 


  • Banks will take pennies on the dollar at times to just get rid of the headache and get rid of the bad debt on their records. 

  • We use our experience and knowledge in Real Estate to making situations like this a win-win for all parties including the owners who are in default. 

  • We buy notes all over the US and have returned over 200% profit to our investors in these transactions. 

Option 3. Trustee Sale Auction

  • Unlike any other auction. This one happens daily in front of the court house of each county. We focus primarily on Ventura and Los Angeles counties. 

  • This one is unique, you have to have ALL CASH to bid. Yes, if a house is going for $500,000, you need to be prepared to show that money in Cashier checks. 

  • Investors love these opportunities as they are lucrative at times and return between 10% - 200% on your money invested. 

The Bottom Line: 

We value our client's trust in us with their money. We take it seriously and treat each client with utmost respect, ethics, dignity, honesty and straight forwardness. All our transactions receive a great deal of scrutiny to ensure all the paper work is accurate, documentation is provided to all parties throughout the transaction and most importantly transparency in every step of the way. Our clients have the freedom to look at our books at any time to ensure accuracy and establish the trust between us.  For more information on these type of investments, contact us. 

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